The region neighbours Kajiado county (West), Taita Taveta (South), Kitui (East) and Nairobi (West) and Kiambu county (North). MIH`HRO Crotalaria laburnifolia. Wambugu et al. Ajuga remota is used in Kenya as antimalarial, anthelminthic, for colds and flu, and for stomach problems (Njoroge et al. Afyaholics Kenya. Its two known isolates ajugarin-1 (1) and ergosterol-5,8-endoperoxide (3) and a new isolate 8-O-acetylharpagide (2) were evaluated for their in vitro antiplasmodial activity. was collected from Laikipia County in the central highlands of Kenya. The tests will be tried out on 250 monkeys according to the scientists working at the largest research facility in Africa. Powdered samples were prepared in a grinding mill and sifted through a Nr18 sieve. Manguro, Philip O. Owuor and Ismail O. Ishola. Malaria continues to be a national concern in Kenya as it plays a major role in the high mortality rates being experienced currently. Wild A. remota plants growing on grazing farmland were uprooted whole. Plants in Kenya are becoming increasingly important as sources of traditional medicines. In vitro pharmacological studies have been … Title:Anxiolytic-Like Effect of Underground Parts of Ajuga remota Benth (Lamiaceae) and Its Bioactive Constituents in Mice: A Behavioral Study. The species is used as fodder for cattle (Sokolov 1991). It also has 100 catfish and many other herbs and spices. Afya means Health in swahili. Ajuga remota in particular is traditionally used as a herbal remedy for fever and infections, and is prescribed for malaria by 66% of the Kenyan herbalists. Ajuga remota was common among the Gikuyu and Aembu people as an effective malaria treatment herb. 2004; Njoroge and Bussmann 2006a, b). Kuria KA(1), De Coster S, Muriuki G, Masengo W, Kibwage I, Hoogmartens J, Laekeman GM. In Ethiopia, the vernacular names for the plant include Armaguusaa (Oromiffa) and it is not ed-ible to animals, birds or insects. 246 likes. Local Food Uses. Author information: (1)Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya. Reference : HN 25 . Phytoecdysteroids are plant analogues of insect moulting hormones and are used by plants to repel or disturb phytophagous insects. All the plant samples were identified at University of Nairobi and confirmed in National Museums of Kenya. Ajuga remota belongs to a genus of about 40–50 species of annual and perennial herbaceous flowering plants in the Mint (Lamiaceae) family [5, 6]. Ajuga remota is an erect rhizomatous pubescent herb that belongs to the genus Ajuga, found growing in the grasslands and other geographic parts of East Africa es-pecially in Kenya and Ethiopia [4]. The commonest sp ecies in this pharmacopoeia are: Caesalpinia volkensii Harms, Strychnos henningsii Gilg, Ajuga remota Benth., Warbugia ugandensis Sprague and Olea europaea L. The first three species are used in all the five districts while the others are restricted in some of the districts. Author(s):George M. Luvah, Charles O. Ochieng, Lawrence O.A. S.N. This is probably due to the very bitter taste of almost all its parts [6]. In Ethiopia, one of the vernacular name of A. remota is Armagusa (oromiffa), the name given by the community that uses this plant for the management of diarrhea [5]. The Voucher specimens were deposited in the University Botanic Garden Maseno herbarium. Keywords:Ajuga remota… abyssinica, Ajuga remota and Clerodendrum myricoides gave IC 50 values below 30 µg/mL against both chloro-quine sensitive and resistant P. falciparum strains. MUENDU Dodonaea anguistifolia. Ajuga remota is an erect rhizomatous pubescent herb that belongs to the genus Ajuga, found growing in the grasslands and other geographic parts of East Africa especially in Kenya and Ethiopia . Antimalarial activity of Ajuga remota benth (Labiatae) and Caesalpinia volkensii Harms (Caesalpiniaceae) : in vitro confirmation of ethnopharmacological use Author KURIA, K. A. M 1; DE COSTER, S 2; MURIUKI, G 1; MASENGO, W 1; KIBWAGE, I 1; HOOGMARTENS, J 2; LAEKEMAN, G. M 2 [1] Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya [2] Faculty of Pharmaceutical … Kenyan scientists have begun tests on a local traditional herb to determine its efficacy in treating Covid-19. Ajuga remota Benth. In Ethiopia, one of the vernacular name of A. remota is Armagusa (oromiffa), the name given by the community that uses this plant for the management of diarrhea [ 5 ]. Author(s) : Njoroge, G. N., R. W. Bussmann, B. Gemmill, L.E. That name was reduced to a synonym of A. bracteosa by J.D. Province of Kenya. MUGHOBARI Acacia brevispica. Kenyan researchers from the Institute of Primate Research (IPR) want to establish if it speeds up the recovery of a patient suffering from coronavirus. Both crude extracts and pure isolates of the plant were tested for their in vitro antimalarial properties. / Journal of Ethnopharmacology 137 (2011) 945–955 947 of 11 divisions (6 and 5, respectively). Map of Kenya showing Machakos and Makueni counties. In Kenya, several plant species including Azadirachta indica A. Juss (Meliaceae), Ajuga remota Benth. There are 104 citation in scholarly articles related to Ajuga remota Benth.. Click on "show more" to view them. Family : Lamiaceae Lamiaceae Antimalarial activity of Ajuga remota Benth (Labiatae) and Caesalpinia volkensii Harms (Caesalpiniaceae): in vitro confirmation of ethnopharmacological use. Ajuga remota is the most frequently used medicinal herb for malaria treatment in Kenya. Kenyan scientists are testing the efficacy of a herb used by traditional healers to find out whether it speeds up recovery from Covid-19 as the search for a cure for the disease intensifies. It has Ajuga remota (wanjiru wa ruriî) touted as a covid and malaria cure, dandelion for cancer, and many more. … MUGHONZULI Albizia gummifera. The herb scientifically known as Ajuga Remota or Wanjiru wa Rurii in Kikuyu has been used by Gikuyu and Aembu people to effectively treat Malaria. and Ajuga remota. Ajuga remota Benth (Lamiaceae) is an erect rhizoma-tous pubescent herb that belongs to the genus Ajuga and growing in the grasslands of Kenya and other parts of East Africa. Voucher specimen (Herbarium number: AR/04/2005) of whole plant was identified by Mr. Mwangangi after comparison with authentic sample at the herbarium department, National Museum of Kenya… MORABE Kigelia africana . MUDARAKWA Cypressus lusitanica. Here in Kenya, the petroleum ether fraction of` the aerial parts of Ajuga remota have been reported to have antifungal activity [7]. Tadesse Bekele Tafesse, Ariaya Hymete, Yalemtsehay Mekonnen, Mekuria Tadesse, Antidiabetic activity and phytochemical screening of extracts of the leaves of Ajuga remota Benth on alloxan-induced diabetic mice, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 10.1186/s12906-017 … MATALIHA Ajuga remota. MATENDI Erlangea tomentosa. Top vegetation and roots were separated upon harvest and dried in the shade for 21 days. Ajuga remota plants were collected at Doonholm estate in Nairobi in April 2005. Newton & V. W. Ngumi Njoroge, G. N., R. W. Bussmann, B. Gemmill, L.E. MGANDO MKALATI Erythrophleum africanum. Click on "show more" to view them. The leaves are eaten in soups and as a salad (Sokolov 1991). Official name : Ajuga remota Benth. The leaves and roots of the plants were collected from their natural habitat in Aldai division South Nandi district. VOLUME: 4 ISSUE: 3. African material has often been referred to A. remota. Local Handicraft and Other Uses. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that malaria kills about 2.7 million people every year, 90% of who are from Africa. Further flavonol and iridoid glycosides from Ajuga remota aerial parts. Affiliation:Department of Chemistry, Maseno University, P.O. Combination of extracts of E. capensis and C. myricoides with chloroquine against the multi-drug resistant P. falciparum isolate (V1/S) revealed synergistic effect. We are Healthaholic meaning we have a desire for health and wellness through nutrition, exercise and holistic healing

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