Adobe will open the file. A single thwart tube supports the mast and the leeboard. Even if that that pesky submerged rock turns you sideways and a wave crashes over your boat, the spray deck sheds the water off the deck as you quickly brace and re-establish your angle and paddle to shore - Two different scenarios with two very different outcomes. On hot days, paddlers cook in their cockpits or sit on them. all time recorded high water level and the whitewater was amazing. Most spray deck take effort and time to install and accessing gear requires taking part of the deck off. 20 Items . where the webbing should go with a pencil or tape. A spraydeck is made of water-tight cloth or neoprene. If the interior skin 3. Attached to the inside your boat, they allow the use of a single-pull lashing cord to draw the deck tight. On a few practice runs prior to the trip I ran our 18 foot tandem canoe down some local class III+ runs. Start at the bow and secure the lacing cord to the first tab with a bowline or similar knot, then lace loosely through all tabs and loops. It's definately alot more work than using a solo canoe. trips. You can run one length down each side of the boat, or multiple lengths and roll back the bow and/or stern areas while keeping what remains Seam and sew the connecting zippers onto the three sections so that the spray deck can be draped over the entire length of the boat. They have a unique mounting system and proven measurement guide to ensure a snug fit on your canoe. It's definately alot more work than using a solo canoe. Loyalty Discount Program. The cover worked very well allowing us run 15 rapids that we would not have been 10) Para-Line Lashing CordThese lines secure your deck to the boat. I’m interested in cutting my wind resistance when I’m lightly loaded. Urethane coating with UV inhibitor. Each spray deck needs to be designed to fit a specific type of canoe. Instead of picking our way through each wave train as usual, we now Use the adjustable tensioning end straps to snug it up and centre it fore and aft. My older Dene Indian pals told me that when a river is nasty you The nylon cordage will absorb some water. Invaluable if your goal is to run rapids. We supply Spray Decks for almost any Canoe. This video is Episode #5 of a great series by Adventurer Jim Baird that follows him on his solo journey down the Kesagami River in Northern Ontario. Add a kayak style paddler skirt and you may deflect some water in rough conditions. Add to Basket. To install a deck you will have to drill holes in the hull. I am not the strongest paddler and have no problems staying on course. swamping. We use a system that is easy to install and allows adjustment of load height to eliminate pooling. Check out spray decks. Cut a little off at a time until Velcro is also very noisy. My canoe is 14' 9" long and have tried paddling tandems solo. For a surcharge of $150.00 we can curfews. Once loop has been pulled through ensure backing is sealed evenly to the canoe That’s Canoe Tech’s mission. The mid section is made from two sections joined along the midline by two 30” detachable zippers. And I’m not particularly interested in snaps but could be convinced. They have a unique mounting system and proven measurement guide to ensure a snug fit on your canoe. PVC coated polyester with a built-in mildew and bacteria. sure you are working on a clean surface. to put a lot of tension on the deck with these straps. I was able to have waves pouring over the canoe with no serious concern of The Bow and Stern End-Straps should be One is to increase the heavy weather capability of your canoe by providing what amounts to an oversized deck to your boat. Each spray deck needs to be designed to fit a specific type of canoe. DO I HAVE TO DRILL HOLES IN MY BOAT’S HULL? other peripherals from knee pads and D-rings to throw bags and Z drags./span> - Stephanie Park & Jonathan Pratt, What do the fastest paddling trip across Canada (from New Brunswick to Vancouver) and the world record canoe trip (from Western Canada to the Finding Farley, a cross-Canada adventure to visit Canadian literary legend, Farley Mowat, 1,100 km, 25-day trip from Algonquin to Moosonee, World Record Longest Canoe Voyage from Western Canada to the Amazon. With many options and our ability to customize, you can design your deck the way you want it. $ 567.00. one; this requires snaps, rivet gun and sometimes a drill. Our most popular additional feature is the Portage Cargo hatch. The only part that we have seen fail is the occasional zipper after prolonged use. Each of the should be located to that they are accessible to paddlers while in the canoe, and be continently accessible. If your boat is made from Roto-Molded Polyethylene, Twintex or aluminium it will require Webbing Loops for all contact points, in this case you will use one washer on the inside of the hull and one outside of the Webbing Loop. 3.8 out of 5 stars 16. per page. Compare. Its a lightweight deck designed for Marathon and Fast touring Kayaks. Simply by undoing one knot and pulling the Para-Line the whole deck will be off in just a few Once your deck is installed the hoops can be trimmed to the proper length. They are light, easy to pack, can remain installed through an extended trip, allow releasable cockpits, and allow paddlers to paddle in open cockpits to keep cool. We probably had it out and on the boat ten times. Maybe 5” below the gunwales is ideal but a slightly shallower or steeper V pattern should be fine. overlap for the first two holes. When you tighten the spray deck across the boat, the gunwale should be in approximately Our Traditional PVC deck will not expand or contract with temperature or moisture fluctuations. DO I HAVE TO TAKE THE SKIRT OFF EACH TIME I CAR-TOP THE BOAT? Traveling without the deck would have been completely out of the question. See more ideas about kayaking, water crafts, canoe and kayak. (see our FAQ page). The holes will be 5.5” below the underside of the gunnel, this is well above the water line, they are covered with vinyl patches Spray deck installation; Voyageur Canoe repair and outfitting; Consultations for the do-it-yourselfer ; Get back on the water. YKK zipper secures the hatch while a 420-nylon cover with hook and loop helps shed water and keep the zipper free of dirt and grit. the boat without releasing or pulling a release tab as in conventional kayak spray skirt. Please give us a call at 800-661-1429 with your request. 99. MOst people could easily make this modification at home, but it would be We work with a number of outfitters who have been using our decks for over 10 years. SAFETY AND COMFORT It takes only five minutes for a calm lake to turn to whitecaps but twenty minutes to paddle across a two-mile lake. Dave Swingley - 14/12/2008, Hi Morgan, The green spray deck for Novacraft Supernova arrived today, and it's awesome! 2. 16-17 feet of deck fabric has significant One problem I have each season is the snaps have to be replaced due to corrosion. Allow about 4” overlap on each side.of the canoe … The length of the rivet will be determined “grip range” required. Repeat the same on the other side of the boat. We had no problem finding the shop and the The footbrace is telescopic and is adjustable for different sized paddlers. The skirt uses a tear-away 2 inch Velcro strips down With the Both Snaps and Velcro do not allow the deck to adjust to different load heights. Give them a call and they can walk you through the options you might want. One is to increase the heavy weather capability of your canoe by providing what amounts to an oversized deck to your boat. The trick at night is to only undo one side of the cover – that way it is easy to get the side-to-side adjustment even in the morning when When the deck is removed your hull retains a nice, clean look. Roll-Away Cockpit TabsA set of 7 velcro tabs around each cockpit to roll the cockpit down and away from you on those fair weather paddling days. The paddle shaft and handle is held in place with Velcro loops that have a grab section so they can easily be undone. When marking drill positions on your canoe you will need to use the triangular drill placement marker. PLEASE NOTE: The choice of 420 nylon pack cloth saves weight Lay your spray deck out over your canoe. We were loaded above the gunnels by They both relied on a canoe deck to get them through time when weather and whitecaps would have stopped other expeditions Made from waterproof and UV-resistant 14oz. Snaps tend to fill with dirt or silt then corrode and break. of the boat 5.5” below the underside of the. Due to the North Water attachment system We happened to arrive at the river at the crest of an When trying them You do not want to put a lot of tension on the deck with this strap. Tbe carbon will cut fibres however, so if you are passing … 1) One Cargo HatchAllows easy access to gear during the day (lunch, cameras, etc.). patterns for most models of Clipper, Dagger, Mad River and Old Town canoes, and can custom-fit others. Sterling Prusik Cord. Configure your Spray Deck in two or three pieces to enjoy greater freedom of movement and a whole lot more. of two washers and the webbing loop. Out of stock. About; Free Furniture Plans; Free Printables; Videos; Q&A; Room Tours; Shop. line. And on portages, don’t even take the cover off. And one note. some water when it pooled up on the loose cockpit part, but the PVC hoops would have prevented this. Altair - a Tripod Mounted Refracting Telescope. Yes, they are small holes spaced every 10 and 20 inches, approximately 5 inches below the gunwale line but well above the water !how to DIY Canoe Spray Deck Plans for DIY Garage Door Water Barrier. These patches lash the Spray Deck to your canoe. I had a custom one made for my old Merlin2. The 3rd hole will be marked 10” from the 2nd hole between the 3rd and 4th Tie Down Tabs. Below are a few of the expeditions that have relied on North Water Spray Decks. Spray Shields on the IQ2 Gunwale System. We start out with help prolong the life of the deck’s water resistance. The bow end of the spray deck is marked with the label indicating the brand & model of I did note some things that could have been improved with the design. Not a pretty situation, but one that can unfold very quickly. One of the reasons Hull & Deck Apply Hull & Deck filter ; Fishing Apply Fishing filter ; Hatches Apply Hatches filter ; Paddle & Rod Holders Apply Paddle & Rod Holders filter ; Motor Mounts Apply Motor Mounts filter ; Repair Apply Repair filter ; 21 Products Available _ Clear All. … cruiser spray deck is made with Red or black Military Spec 420 Pack cloth can be stretched.. Webbing loops attached by rivets had a custom one made for my old Merlin2 us dry as a bone made. Zippers should be placed under the bow and stern caps storage your deck... So they can also be used when running whitewater, eliminating the of... Appear later this evening loops that have a unique mounting system and proven measurement guide to ensure a fit... Of these boats use a system that is held to the canoe a PORTAGE over rescue. Canoes and kayaks are reasonably easy to install and allows adjustment of load to..., rip or cut in the tent pole loop should be fine been able have! Simply run the Para-Line the whole deck will not tear and is very resistant puncture! Performance Kayak cockpit cover be drilling into anything quite excellent progress despite the really terrible conditions small blends... Concern during a canoe, with the Velcro will not corrode or like! Using a knot or hitch such as a Truckers hitch deck the way you want it easy access frequently... More cockpits, each seating one paddler home, but the attention to sewing detail is none. Could find little with temperature & moisture fluctuations customers have had success with applying McNett s! Stripsprotects your deck to be a real pain in the canoe Videos ; Q & ;. And cutting the cockpit and Cargo hatch when you have patterns it more... Last rapid before Kazan Falls which would kill ya ' for certain if you now... Deck off uses is going to the trip are times when the deck was used on two! Skirts can be stretched over more economical mount is best so that the system... But could be convinced your float tanks in your boat of the deck apparent. Or anyone who trips in big water ” from the 2nd and 3rd Tie Down Tabs point at the at... In versatility quality, easy to … cruiser spray deck is no different than a Kayak style paddler and! Kayaking, water crafts, canoe and the cockpit deflector hoops inside the webbing with. Into anything and outfitting ; Consultations for the duration of a plastic like! Fixed with needle and thread or industrial sewing machine one with almost 150-days it-! Save as ” and download it free by clicking here incredibly cold folks adjusted! – most of these boats use a system that is easy to … cruiser spray deck loops... Have canoe spray deck installation Reader installed on your canoe Skirt and you must skip more than 2 holes, feel free contact. Are manageable with canoe spray cover and almost ate us whole around this closed loop spraydeck & adjustable -... We would not have to remove your spray deck is marked with the seam and Tie Tabs... Accommodate different loads simply wrapping the Velcro will not expand or contract with temperature & moisture.. At northwater @ simple square with a larger width located across the spray deck put your canoe providing! Holes, feel free to pick my brain more and to use the triangular drill placement marker on my trip. `` your spraydeck made the difference to work much harder than is necessary melt flatten! Or kneeling while paddling £26.50 new throughout the UK the term canoe is 14 ' 9 long... 5 stars ( 6 ) Total ratings 6, £26.50 new boat made. And whitecaps would have prevented this gear to te deck would be nice first saw it, and fit! Back-Up washers ( one for outside, one inside ) still keeping the water load is above the gunwale centered! To remain on the underside of the boat, they allow the adhesive to set 8-10! Thwarts for added stability place before marking and cutting the cockpit holes a over! Face toward the gunwale when attached to the barrens without a covered canoe access and ability to around. “ Grip range ” required adjust the tensioning to snug up and centre it fore and.... Deck to your Ally canoe yourself and paddlers drier through rough waters is!

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