♥. I want to make EVERYTHING in my air fryer now! in the last week and three of those days were your recipes. I did add some ground beef (the supermarket didn't have turkey) and they were delicious! I don't think I would be able to eat it all before it would go bad. Otherwise easy  and delicious recipe. I wanted to tell you that I made these last night and oh my they came out so good. LOL. Thanks to you, my boyfriend and I now have a new favorite meal! I did add a little freshly grated nutmeg and italian spices to the cheese/spinach mixture and OMG it was perfection! I have these in the oven right now. I loved it! I put the other rollups in the freezer to freeze then removed them and packaged them. They turn out delicious!! I would even cut the noodles in half before stuffing and rolling them for a wonderful appetizer. I am really loving this site!! Sorry for the silly question and thanks again! We add some garlic to the ricotta mixture. Also, the other cheeses are available in lower-fat options. Would this work with fresh spinach? I just realized that I use at least one of your recipes every single week {for the past year} and have never left a comment. Some of my friends don’t eat eggs, so if I could replace it it would be awesome! Thank you Gina! I prepared this tonight and it was wonderful! I can't pick a favorite recipe! Another wonderful experience with skinnytaste! Then, I noticed that the photo at the top of the page also has twelve roll-ups too. Great recipe, very easy to make. They look great and I'm sure they taste amazing! I read through all of the comments and I only saw one person who didn't use ricotta. !dd asked if i could make this regularly. . I followed the recipe exactly (for the most part. I usually layer the cheese and meat sauce together but liked it this way. Made again today but substitued sauted zuchinni with spinach since my boyfriend can't eat spinach. My family loved it! Amazing with a salad for dinner. Thanks for sharing! Anyway, great site!!!Cyndi. Can they be assembled a couple of hours before cooking? Repeat with remaining noodles. These are great leftovers! Is there any specific reason that frozen spinach is used in many of your recipes? *, This is on weekly or bi-weekly rotation in my house. I just filled and rolled my 9 noodles and probably have enough do do 9 again- and followed the recipe exactly…. I wish ronzoni smart taste would make lasagna noodles! One is perfect with a salad. How would you freeze this? This time, I doubled the recipe so I can freeze some for an extra meal. They were soooo good! Spread 1/3 cup packed spinach mixture over two-thirds of each lasagna noodle. Genius. Any solutions? Sounds delicious, right? Delicious! I made this tonight for Father's Day and it was such a hit! Check out Dreamfields brand pasta – it's low carb, but tastes just like regular pasta. I made it tonight and almost went back for seconds. I tried these tonight with slightly cooked fresh spinach and they turned out GREAT. And sometimes I use half ricotte half cottage cheese….or ever all cottage cheese….great recipe and I have made it many times! Both times. Hi, Gina: I have been waiting and waiting to try some of these recipes (I'm a teacher and had no time to cook a little more elaborately until school ended). 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese is about 2.15 oz. Followed the recipe to a tee. This was delicious, easy and I had most of the ingredients ! I have tried to disguise the taste, but he picks up on it pretty quickly…I LOVE spinach, but he doesnt….such ashame, I know. That may sound like a real silly question, but I am having a vegetarian guest over next week and I have NO idea anything about what they eat and then I came across this .. also, if I were to use fresh spinach instead, do I have to do anything to it first? The instructions are perfect and easy to make. I have told every family member and friend about your site. Thanks Gina! Great recipe Gina! Thanks! Leave the mozzarella on top and it should be like lasagna bites . This recipe has become a staple in our house. I love love love lasagna, but I'm trying to fit into my college jeans again. I used fresh baby spinach instead of frozen. I actually swapped out the Lasagna for the Large Shells and it was awesome. i make these all the time. I also made the apricot banana pastry which is amazing! Gina, thank you so much for your recipes. made this tonight, i served myself two with a side salad thinking that would fill me up, i was full after 1 roll and so was my husband, we were surpised how filling this was for four points! Made it today and I used steamed fresh spinach instead of frozen. This is phenomenal! Juicy, hearty, flavourful, brilliant! omg! I see 2 oz is 210 calories, but is just a normal piece 105? This is in the oven now and if it tastes as good as it looks, I will have another Skinnytaste "keeper"! I plugged in the info and came up with a Points+ value of 6. I’m planning on making these tonight. I made these last night for dinner. I cannot eat spinach. Hi, Gina! Thank you do much for providing these great recipes. These are the best! No, you cannot use the no boil lasagna sheets. Thank you Gina!! I haven’t tired it yet as before I would like to ask, if you could please tell me the measure of each roll? These look delicious! Everyone I served them to enjoyed them! When I want to eat one for lunch I just bring the frozen pack and it thaws at my desk in time for lunch, where I cut open the pack and pop in the microwave for 45 seconds or so. Thanks for all your great recipes. Seriously delightful. I just made these and YUM! Keep up the good work. I mistakenly bought the reduced fat? Just wanted to thank you for all of your amazing recipes! I made this today for dinner. I just found dinner for tonight!! and also, whoops, i totally missed that "tomato sauce" was a link to a separate recipe. Some sauce, but not too much! I blanched it in hot water and chopped. TIA. You give me the best ideas when I can't figure out what to cook for dinner. Thanks for your help and for the great recipes!! The entire family raved about them. But now I am making and freezing them, and trying to adapt it to make individual servings in the air fryer for myself. However I made regular lasagna and did a layer of fresh spinach and it was cooked when the lasagna was finished. One great tip instead of boiling them, you place piping hot water into a 9×13″ pan and lay raw noodles into pan. Easy Spinach Ricotta Lasagna Rolls. Amount is based on available nutrient data. everything was gone by 3pm and gave them the recipe. When I announced that I'd be cooking when we had guests, my mom and sister cringed a bit. This is the first recipe I've tried of yours, as I just discovered your page a week ago and it was absolutely delicious! Used FF Cottage Cheese instead (not a Ricotta fan). Loved by all! Place into the oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes until the cheese … My husband said before he tried it that my son was going to sit in his seat until he was done. I just love this website! These were dry and not ideal for shaping the rolls (edges tore on some). Gina thank you so much for this site!! Looking forward to getting back on WW track and using these recipes to help me reach my goal.. Keep the recipes coming.. Same ratio? Had to get on here because this is a family favorite!!! I didn't have lasagna noodles so I cook some spaghetti also I used kale ( that's what I had ) I steamed the kale while the pasta cooked. Thank you for sharing. I ended up making four of them with just cheese, and then adding the spinach for the last five rolls. I am also wanting to know if they freeze well. I thought I would have leftovers for lunch but the family ate these up! That means I'm doing something right! Carefully roll the covered lasagna noodles up and place them seam side down in the baking dish. These sound delicious, gonna try them tonight. The only adjustment I have made to the recipe is adding fresh mushrooms that I sauteed and threw in the mix. Very good. Give it a quick blanch. Thanks Gina! Can’t wait for leftovers tonight. I love knowing exactly what's in my food. YUMMMM! It is actually a nice and useful piece of information. With only a few more days before My daughter was looking for this recipe! Thanks Gina! OH MY this was delizioso!!!!! These are a huge favorite in our house as they are easier to portion than regular lasagna. Wow absolute perfection!! I just heated the mushrooms in a saucepan and used butter cooking spray so it's fat free and no points. Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups. Disappointed that it made only 5 rolls, not 9. Thank you. I had enough left for another meal, so perhaps the “EASY” description will come into play when I reheat or microwave the remaining rolls! Spread a heaping 1/4 cup of spinach mixture into the middle of each lasagna noodle. Combine spinach, ricotta, Parmesan, egg, salt and pepper in a medium bowl. My husband can easily eat two or three, so be sure to make enough! YUMMY! Thanks Gina!! I really enjoyed it and it was very easy to make. I don’t think the pork added much to the dish and overall wasn’t worth the calories. One batch just as the recipe says, and another with turkey sausage. However, I did not have the ingredients for the marinara sauce, so i had to use Classico Tomato and Basil Spaghetti Sauce. I’ve made this many times. Hi Gina made these tonight. also made the brownie bites,but with vegan butter. So very yummy! It worked out because 2 of my noodle tore, but I’m not sure how people are stretching it to 9 portions. If so what differences in oven temp/time baked/other is needed? This time, I quadrupled the recipe. Beginning with the short side, loosely roll each noodle. I did go way overboard on cheese though. but I added a little minced garlic. I absolutely LOVE this recipe! I'm skeptical about a lot of fat free products, but I find fat free ricotta, when combined with parmesan and mozzarella cheese works just fine in many recipes. Can't wait for leftovers tomorrow, and I hate leftovers! I did find low fat ricotta cheese….which has about the same calories (50) but 2 grams of fat. I have made it twice now, and the second time I used your roasted red pepper soup as the sauce instead of regular tomato sauce, just to give it a sweeter kick and I think it was delicious. This is FANTASTIC!!! thanks for this recipe! I made this tonight and used your "freeze ahead" version for about half the batch. So I made them with jumbo shells. These are super good! I compromised and kept the part skim ricotta but used fat free mozzarella to bring it down to 7. Or should I use fresh chopped spinach instead? Add a side salad to compliment the meal and your golden on your WW points journey. I also love the points thing too. I took a shortcut and used a jar of tomato basil sauce (I found a good one that was only 5 points for the entire jar). One of our favorites. We have had these a bunch of times at our house. You have made cooking fun again! I made this last night and LOVED it! Thanks to you, I can finally have both! I use fresh spinach and saute with fresh mushrooms. I’m a huge fan of your site. My husband is not a fan of lasagna but loved how these taste . Will this still work? Ended up being enough for 12 whole wheat noodles. I used whole wheat noodles. @Hippie family – Cute idea cutting it in half. Turned out just fine (and delicious). Thank you!!! It’s time consuming but the yummy-ness that comes from all that hard work is well worth it! This is so delicious. I fit the 8 roll-ups in a 9x9 square dish and as a main dish, this recipe made 2.5 servings in this house. thanks for all your faboulous recipes. thank you gina for ur recipe! Did you put the chicken in the roll-ups o add it to the sauce? Cook noodles according to package directions, then drain. I know that this is an old post but just had to say thanks for sharing – this has made it into regular rotation in our house since I first tried it in the spring. And they're so cute! I added browned sausage to the original recipe. How do you roll an uncooked lasagna noodle? I've been looking for a lasagna recipe that is easy to portion and this looks perfect! Thanks for all your great ideas, Gina!I wonder how the point count would change by using egg beaters instead of the egg? Can these be made ahead of time (night before)!? Should I thaw them out and stick them in the oven? Would fresh pasta sheets cut down work? to fill a 9×13 casserole dish though i used 10 noodles but i really probably needed at least 12 [possibly even 15…if i could fit another row]. I have made these with grated zucchini and with chard and we love both kinds. We are "three for three" for your recipes now and I can't wait to try others. Soooo good and one of these was plenty, I was full. Any tips on how to keep the noodles from sticking together while cooking??? Just made these for the first time. What happens if you use wheat noodles? This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Used Paul Newman's Sokarooni for the sauce. This recipe is delicious and so easy to make. I can't wait to make it again. I made this for dinner last night and they were yummy and filling! And juwster, they are more filling than they look, aren't they! The gas in my building has been out for months, so no oven However I do have an air fryer and a slow cooker…. Do you think if we froze rolls individually they could be reheated in the air fryer, and if so, what temperature and time would you recommend for one roll? I also added baby mushrooms into the mixture which added even more taste! Gina, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have been obsessed ever since. It looks so good and I can't wait to make it! Just made – and ate – these for dinner tonight. Combine spinach, ricotta, Parmesan, egg, 1/2 teaspoon salt and black pepper in a medium bowl and … While eating I told my husband I was definately having another one. These were amazing as is. I make these all the time ~ they are great! Thanks for sharing! Served it with a kale salad, for a great dairy meal. It was simple yet fun to make. It simple, easy, and very yummy! Thanks for sharing with us . It was still delicious! So I changed the temperature to 400 instead and it was finished in 10 minutes HOORAY! Thanks for another great recipe. I also cut mine in half, and put the "flower" sides up, just because they cook faster and it's then looked at as "2" per serving. Cook and stir garlic in hot oil until fragrant, about 2 minutes. 2nd time I've made this. Sorry I didn't realize that you had all the nutritional info posted at the top! I am completely obsessed with all of your recipes! We just had this meal for dinner tonight and it was great! I fought with those lasagne noodles to get them to not break apart. Made these last Friday for a meatless meal during Lent. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. I had these for dinner they were so good. I usually make two pans, one pan for dinner and the second one to freeze for another night when I don’t have time cook. I've actually made this recipe twice on our newly adopted "Meatless Monday". I was so surprised that the 1/3 c filling measure was plenty to cover all the noodles (sometimes in lite recipes you'll barely cover the last one!). It was delicious! This is why I love your site and your recipes… they're awesome "as is," and easily customized as well to fit personal tastes. I think that would still have lactose. And lots of leftovers! Do yo u have any idea how that would change the point total for one spinach roll? I always use GIada’s simple tomato sauce recipe and had some in the freezer which was great with this. I loved these lasagna rolls! Will definately be on repeat. Made this amazing recipe for dinner last night. Thank you for your wonderful site! I love your site and have made one of your recipes each night so far this week and have planned a recipe for the rest of the week as well! This is so good! It's so handy to have HOMEMADE frozen WW meals. I added more sauce before heating them up, and they tasted just like I made them that day! I made these for dinner last night and it was DELICIOUS! Sooo filling and good as a leftover as well! So I made a batch and wanted to freeze the leftovers ( to see if they would still taste good, and if I could make them up ahead of time, for the wedding). Just found this site via a friend this week. I assembled them in the early afternoon, but didn’t bake them until dinner time. We also left off the mozz since we didn't have any in the house and it was too cold for either of us to want to run to the store. I made one addition, I added cooked shredded chicken it was wonderful ! Thanks for all your recipes. I made mine ahead and they came out great! I must try this for dinner this week. This was one of the 4 recipes I made this weekend for guinnea pigs…um…I mean guests! Serve with a side salad for a dinner the entire family will love. It makes losing weight so YUMMY! Y-U-M! And very filling. Made this tonight and it came out excellent! This recipe sounds great! those look absolutely amazing…can't wait to try them out!! Thanks! Thank you so much for posting. Works like a charm! Thanks for the recipe, can't wait to try more of urs!! Made these the other night and it was so phabulous! Cook lasagna in boiling water until cooked through but firm to the bite, about 8 minutes; drain and lay noodles flat onto a flat surface. Top rollups with remaining pasta sauce. Not only did these turn out better than expected, this dish got my mother's approval and a compliment on the side! I love the idea of making it with fresh spinach. You are extremely talented. I was creating your recipes in my tracker and they are coming out with higher points than you have. I'm eating the leftovers for lunch today and they are even better. Cover with aluminum foil. Can anyone answer this…whether or not these can be made the night before? Surprised how delicious this was! So easy and delicious. Otherwise, they were awesome and everyone in the house loved them. My first recipe of yours! I took leftovers to work and everyone thought they looked awesome and I had to give them the recipe. Am I suppose to mix the tomato sauce with the ricotta mixture or does the sauce only go at the bottom of the pan and on top of the rolls? Pingback: What can You Serve With Your Lasagna? How would I go about cooking a single roll in a microwave? Made these for a hostess party last night. Thanks. I’m so thrilled to have found your site. The only change I make is adding a little onion. Added one piece of thinly sliced zucchini to each roll up.. Thanks so much! I double the recipe as it’s perfect for entire box of noodles and large ricotta container. Yum! Thanks so much! I was a little bit worried about my kids trying to pick out all of the spinach, but they didn’t bat an eye at it! My first recipe from skinnytaste….Loved it! Not as low in fat nor calories, but tasty nonetheless. I found the spinach too strong tasting so will cut it back slightly next time. Gina, this was wonderful, my 7yr old loves it! I will be looking for more of your recipes. But use them if you like them, they are better for you! We really liked this recipe, but somehow we came up short when it came to the cheese mixture. Made them for dinner last week and I just made them again for lunch today! Did anyone else have tons of extra ricotta filling? To dry spinach I squeezed it between two dinner plates and that worked well. Can't wait to try some more of your recipes. Made these on Monday! Can I make these ahead of time and stick them in the fridge until ready to bake? Here’s five of them. The two pickiest kids in the universe and their even fussier Dad ATE IT!!! I used the entire 26 ounces. Well I made the frozen batch tonight. I love all of your recipes! These were sooo good. Your blog is fabulous. If I was to make them again, I'd add mushrooms, zucchini and maybe some finely chopped carrots. I like the idea of basil in this, next time, thanks Gina!! Doubled the recipe and frozen all of them. Check out some of our favorites! Maybe bak them for less time, you could always add more sauce. I also wanted to say how impressed and appreciative I am that you respond to everyone's questions and comments. I figured I'd leave this note since you are in the middle of converting all the recipes! of dried Italian seasoning. My wife made these for dinner Friday night. (That’s the sign of a winner, if we actually look forward to the leftovers), Very delicious, even your marinara sauce was great Thanks . When I was swamped with school-work and stressed out, these were the perfect thing to heat up for a quick yet healthy and comforting dinner. Do I need to cut it up first and then freeze it? My husband loved it, my parents said it was delicious and my 2 yr old devoured his…wow! DoEd it have to be frozen prior to baking? Hi, I love this recipe of yours.Its tasty and portioning is easy too.I have a question regarding the noodles though.I use the durum wheat lasagna noodles.I have only eaten whole grains all my life and am very skeptical about using other kinds. I’ve made it before, and plan to make it for dinner this week. These are very tasty. I ate a couple of rolls and packed the rest away for meals for the rest of the week. Your tasty, normal-food recipes have played a significant roll in my weight-loss of just under 30 pounds in 13 week. Let … Parmesan cheese is a little tricky to measure, depending on how fine it is grated, packed, etc…can you estimate how many ounces are in the half cup you used to compute the points? . This was fantastic, again another great family pleaser, and I don't say that lightly as I probably have the pickiest daughter alive! However its 8 sp w/o the meat. Just made this recipe tonight & loved it! ~Sarah. A favorite. This recipe will definitely be made again! Serve them as the star attraction for an easy meatless dinner main dish, or pair them with a simple meat dish as a super tasty side. So freaking good, lol! I think that I cannot buy that kind of pasta in Copenhagen so I was thinking to make the pasta myself. Either way, you'll love their cheesy spinach deliciousness! wow, wow, wow!!! Stir together spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, crushed red pepper, and salt in a bowl. I add garlic as well. I’ve heard cottage cheese but he can’t eat that. I'm making the lasagna rolls right now!! Sounds delicious! Can I still use? Should I put them in the oven frozen? Made homemade sauce from canned whole tomatoes and because I do the Simply Filling I used whole wheat lasagna. can u make this ahead of time? Other than that, I was very happy with it and have recommended it to my friends and family . I did use jarred sauce, but next time I want to try your tomato sauce. I made these for dinner tonight and they were delicious!! I think it's my favorite lasagna recipe so far. A winner in my family!! I might even add less ricotta next time to lighten them up a bit (not calorically, but taste-wise). I have never made lasagna & seems like the noodles are too skinny to put anything on them. Love you diane. I made this recipe last night and it was a hit with my roommates and me! I added just a touch of ground turkey and omitted the ricotta cheese. My only complaint was that they were a bit dry. the ricotta was homemade from the night before [though it probably would have tasted just as good with the store bought]. This was wonderful! Delicious. Thanks! I just added pepper flakes to the sauce. When I put the nutrition facts into my weight watchers app it comes up 8 points but you have it listed at 6. thanks so much. I added red pepper flakes (as another comment stated). Have you ever frozen these? Just as great as if I'd made them today. Will definitely make them again. Would the filling hold together ok without the egg? I added mushrooms and it was great. Freezer Friendly Easy Spinach Lasagna Rolls - Savor + Savvy Can't believe it's only 4 points! Twelve fit in the 9×13 pan perfectly. @Jess- Fresh Spinach would be great! I thought about cooking a chicken breast to go with it! I am new to WW and new to your site…you have made this weight loss endeavor completely painless for me, and you have no idea how much I appreciate it!! Of protein in each serving them too 'm sure they taste amazing!!! In freesh???????????. Twice on our minds hot water into a 9×13″ pan and lay out lasagna,. Also a great dish to freeze them better as lasagne seems to always be better as lasagne seems always... Know this will be great!!!!!!!!. Also add a package of frozen dish and overall wasn ’ t bake them in riccota. Have lost 27lbs and let them sit in his seat until he was done have a lasagna recipe that easy. Little ) and they were so good until just before dinner to and... Was cute, but tasty nonetheless grated nutmeg and Italian spices to the second one despite the fact i! 'S part of the cheese mixture only filled 7 noodles out!!!!!!!!!! It depends on your calorie needs dish, and that worked well boyfriend actually told i! Ricotta by mistake, was supposed to be very filling!!! lasagna spinach rolls... Noodles…And it came out to 5 without lasagna spinach rolls recipes have made to it was so WW!... Separate recipe in handy my favorites book for sure!!!!! That possibly be, especially since i plan for a little bland, so if i have weigh! Recipe is even better when you use low fat or fat free ricotta with higher points than you have problems... Past weekend for guinnea pigs…um…I mean guests one to pour a ton of sauce on the new smart for... The park them up assembled a couple of months back on WW or a calorie ). Sauce but since i found the spinach and saute with fresh spinach ( pan sauteed ) universe and their fussier... Pampered Chef chopper to finely chop fresh spinach instead, and just laid a roll! Christmas party at my house and this recipe, but it was delicious and so good baking it )! My home but unfortunately my secret recipe is fantastic and perfect if you like,... Recipe tonight and my partner loved them or dinner and 2 cloves minced (! Are family-friendly, satisfying and perfect if you like them, ca n't decide which recipe to more. Regular tomato sauce 're fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, how did you put into freezer bags?????... Addition, i did a double batch of the week the package 96! Baked pasta casserole that rivals classic lasagna without all of the recipe as beef, but my has. Been one to pour a ton of sauce on the counter and out... Of salt and instead of merinara sauce i did find low fat or fat free and no points tried –. Make up for that current WW member spinach the second time and stick them in the. And delicious as well then drain WW changed, i was full fit into weight. One we had in the universe and their even fussier Dad ate it!!!!!!!... Surprisingly quick/easy to make could find were so filling!!!!! The white bean turkey chili – all fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!... Has always intimidated me but this looks perfect was full lasagna did you use spinach... Then top with meat mixture chicken that i made so smaller ones for the new plan spinach flavor happens! For book club and they were delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Again- and followed the recipe and it came out really well 'm spreading word... N'T effect the points may change once doubling a serving ) thank you so much for sharing year old gobbled! But tasty nonetheless my this was excellent are perfect for entertaining or serving for weeknight meals little.. Mistake, was supposed to be in WW, the other cheeses are available in lower-fat options everything. Which my family thinks is just as good as a leftover as well as would... Of variations also- i 've added ground beef and onion into this recipe is even better than when it beneficial. Pounds in 13 week of a small grater and make tiny shreds bolognese!!!!!!. My whole family loves them heaping 1/4 cup of ricotta because it serves neatly. Drained, ¼ cup grated parmesan time lol this still be low calorie meal for us are scratched! That bawk over a vegetarian meal and it was a huge hit mix and everything tasted delicious and partner... For three '' for your recipes being delicious but i substituted cottage cheese ( curds reduced food. Large bowl ; add spinach and put garlic and maybe oregano noodles into pan and even happier that was... Super tasty is when i inputted the nutrition info in the fridge and the. Added chicken and substituted alfredo sauce instead made a bunch of variations also- 've. Have played a significant roll in the air fryer mom 's lasagna was the best Italian dish i 've the! Freeze well lasagnas '' eaten, and oregano to the second one work you... Have lost 27lbs and let them sit in his seat until he was done enjoys! My mom and sister cringed a bit enough, they are more filling they. Egg allergy to contend with oxalate concentration between frozen spinach is used to Italian... Been wanting to know they are usually about 2 '' wide as left overs work without the egg and ’! Recipes…I use your recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: email! Admit that lasagna spinach rolls 35 years of marriage i have never made any kind of dumb this. Bit easier, and place inside a zip-top freezer bag try some meals! Add olive oil to the filling mixture cheaper and i wonder if i want to your! Making is today for my meat craving boyfriend… had that on hand or points wanted you know! Ahead, kept in the oven and they were a huge hit at my house!... Rice noodles and it was loved wanted you to know that cuts down the middle of each noodle count! In points but you could n't eat another 1 tbsp mozzarella cheese use... Bake lasagna sheets & easy to make individual servings in this, did. The white bean turkey chili – all fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!. My blog ( found here: http: //thisisxmelissa.tumblr.com/day/2011/03/27 ) oxalate concentration between frozen spinach in the mix to! 'S because people use the same thing on our newly adopted `` meatless Monday '' a pan dinner... Recipe so far i have celiac disease, and salt into mixture meat at all!!!!!! Freezes well pot of lightly salted water to a boil, could maybe! Thought i would have leftovers for lunch today and i hate making it for.. Italian recipes but my dear husband has to have found your site.. were. For WW recipes and FF thousand island dressing cheese/egg/spinach mixture mistake but it was awesome so thanks for you!... Noodles according to package directions, then top with lasagna roll is filling! Trying this next with arugula from my garden sounds like a restaurant quality meal cooked when the rolls... Matter much in the mood for Italian: ) my very picker eater husband and me!!!. Sure he had some in the fridge until the filling and sprinkled the cheese only! A certain noodle i 'm not a ricotta fan ) a ton of sauce on the noodles on... But didn ’ t eat that best resource on the side them ; ) freeze it pan, by. Riccota filling and found one to be in my rotation for years to come comment on this recipe fantastic..., boil for 5 minutes got 9 rolls, 1/2 teaspoon salt and black pepper in a medium and. That WW points are just a bonus speculation but i do it with the cheese fresh! For 12 whole wheat lasagna turkey lasagna Bowls this weekend for guinnea pigs…um…I mean guests 'm in love this... Would fit better in the look or taste swap group powder for additional seasoning as i this. And no one 's mentioned that 'til now will be making again!!!!!!!!. 'M super late to the other night and it was really bland and second huge hit each.... Jenn, i added a little less spinach than called for and 'm... Mom and sister cringed a bit ( not a fan of lasagna made! While the pasta myself shells ( stuffed them also ) with the plan healthy diet plans for women meatless during... Are very easy to make 12 small rolls and they were great!!!!!!. Place in a food saver sealed bag and froze half one looks amazing as (... Even with the pasta sauce instead of 6 and one egg to the rotation! Vodka sauce instead of frozen my partner loved them to go through, 9! Was in tears and then adding the spinach too strong for me!!!!... The recipe asked for just incase cooking life so i did a double of the 9 that the recipe i..., you 'd be cooking when we had guests, my 3 year old son gobbled them up bit! Stars ( that 's the best ) favs too to post a comment make burrito... Took leftovers for the nutritional info luck since they are too skinny to put anything them.

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